"BRAVO-LIFT" - Universal the lift industrial company is based in 2002 and constructed on the basis of unique design collective "BRAVO". The company is focused on designing, manufacture, delivery, installation, guarantee and after warranty service of lifts, escalators and elevating mechanisms.

Experts of the company create and make base, serial, non-standard, individual lifts and elevating mechanisms. In the workings out the company applies the newest, progressive world and own workings out, the best European accessories of known world manufacturers - company partners.

 The company collective consists of skilled professional experts in branch the designing and manufacture lift. The design department totals 8 leading designers of lifts and a building direction. Many of them have the European accreditation and experience лифтового designing more than 15 years.

Industrial department "BRAVO-LIFT" consists of 20 experts of the top echelon who in perfection own modern methods of manufacture of metal designs. In direct manufacture is engaged more than 50 persons who work on modern metalcutting machine tools (Trumatiс, Behrents, Amada, Odira, etc.)

 The company offers the expanded ruler of electric and hydraulic lifts "is gallant" of own working out and manufacture for the markets of Russia, Ukraine and Europe. Load-carrying capacity from 50 kg to 200000 kg, speed from 0,15 m/s to 8,0 m/s. Designing and manufacture of automatic automobile parkings, delivery of all types of escalators.

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